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Important: This agreement is valid for applications made over the internet, and consists of the terms of use of all services between individuals or legal entities and troiabilisim.com. You must read the usage agreement completely before ordering any product through our website! The usage agreement includes termination, warranty information, responsibilities and rules you must follow. If you do not accept this agreement or any of the terms, please cancel your order. Your refusal to purchase any product or service.

1. Parties and Subject Matter

This general service and usage agreement is between the legal and real persons (referred to as Customer or account holder) who will receive service from Troia Bilisim, which provides the services specified on the www.troiabilisim.com website, and the use of the services offered through the TROIA BİLİSİM website and the services to be purchased, as stated below. and the signature will be taken with the conditions and will be deemed.
This contract is deemed to have been signed upon participation and service provision, and the accuracy of the information written in this contract is declared, accepted and undertaken. All customers can read all contracts on the website, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. Account Opening

After your payment to us, the necessary checks are carried out, no fraud is detected, and the accounts are actively operated. It is your responsibility to provide us with a working email address. We were using this e-mail tool to communicate with you, which facilitates the use of your account in a situation or extent that violates the terms of use. It is your responsibility to use an email account that will always be up to date and open. You must contact our customer representative for the initialization process required to update the irrevocable information. For credit card payments made with 3D Secure, identification information may be requested by the state connected to the credit card used by customer representatives, in which case the identification information must be automatically scanned. If you do not meet these conditions, your order may be held fraudulently and may be cancelled.

3. Content Permission

All accounts submitted by TROIA BILISIM can only be used with legal permission. Those who use our services are deemed to have accepted with this agreement that all content they publish complies with the rules and is harmless. It is responsible for all content that customers will publish and cannot be held responsible for the content that TROIA BILISIM will publish.

Any copyright or branding of our service is strictly prohibited. However, it is not limited to copying videos, music, books, photographs or any other copyrighted work without permission. It will be terminated upon termination of publication without the permission of any trademark owner. Once any copyright is granted, the user account will be quickly removed or access to the account will be restricted. Repeat infringements on any account will result in copyright retention or termination of the hosting account.

All kinds of information, statistical figures and values ​​on the TROIA BILISIM Website have been compiled by hand from sources accepted as general frameworks of reliability, and their accuracy and adequacy are not guaranteed by TROIA BILISIM's any way. TROIA BILISIM shall not be liable to any personal, legal or There is no criminal liability.

4. Restrictions

Purchased products are not allowed to be used as spare space. Still, the account is not allowed to be used as a file storage. Within the scope of web hosting packages; Backups taken from cPanel or Plesk Panel are stored in the FTP area and are regularly deleted to prevent duplication in order to enter the scope of archive hosting. It is possible for the customer to download backups taken on cPanel or Plesk Panel to their personal/corporate computers.

Examples of operations that are not allowed on all our hosting servers are listed below;

4.1 Most Listed
4.2 IRC Scripter/Bots
4.3 Proxy Scripter/Anonymizers
4.4 Pirated Software/Warez
4.5 Photo Hosting Scripts (Example: Photobucket or Tinypic)
4.6 AutoSurf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites
4.7 IP Scanners
4.8 Bruteforce Programs/Scripts/Applications Mail Bombers/Spam Scripts
4.9 Mailer Pro Banner-Ad services (commercial banner ads)
4.10 File Dump/Mirror Scripts (Example: Rapidshare, Rapidleech)
4.11 Commercial Audio Broadcasting
4.12 Sale of substances without appropriate permits
4.13 All kinds of content such as Adult, Erotic, Adult Story/Video sites
4.14 Lottery / Gambling Sites
4.15 MUDs/RPGs/PBBGs
4.16 Hacker focused sites/archives/programs
4.17 Sites that promote illegal activities
4.18 Distribution of warez/pirated/illegal content on forums or websites
4.19 Bank Bills/Bank Bill Trading Programs
4.20 Fraudulent Sites (not limited to listed sites aa419.org & escrow-fraud.com)
4.21 Broadcast or Streaming Live Sports Events
4.22 Infected Content and Shell Scripts
4.23 Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. Software that records social media accounts or user passwords

If any account holder is connected to a third party network or system without the third party's permission, the account will be suspended. In order to access the network or system, there must be written documentation from the third party for the transaction to be directly under your control. On TROIA BILISIM servers, documents are also requested from the authorized party for requests to connect to a third party's network or system at their own discretion.
TROIA BILISIM has the right to refuse service to any account holder. If material you post is obscene, threatening, illegal or otherwise in violation of the terms of use, your account may be removed or disabled from our servers, with or without notice to you.
When you receive an e-mail from our Abuse unit, you are obliged to respond to the notification via a support ticket within 24 hours. If no response is received within 24 Hours, the service must be suspended or terminated.
If you are in doubt about the acceptability of your site or services, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to support@troiabilisim.com.com. Please remember that we will be happy to assist you.
TROIA BILISIM; It may monitor site contents and/or any access for legal reasons, system management purposes, to track unauthorized access, to verify security procedures and/or for operational security purposes. During tracking, content/information may be tested, recorded, copied or used for the purposes described above. TROIA BILISIM does not use or share your content in any way other than the purposes described above (except for legal requests).

5. Zero Tolerance Rules

We have zero tolerance for mass sending of spam and similar unsolicited e-mail. E-mails sent from member databases, purchased mailing lists and sending e-mails to them are considered spam e-mails. The service will be canceled directly without warning the customer account sending spam.
You cannot send spam e-mail from a server that does not belong to TROIA BILISIM and host the advertised site on our servers. If any account's IP address ends up on spam blacklists because of the account owner, the account will be suspended or closed immediately. For this reason, only mailing via SMTP should be used.
TROIA BILISIM reserves the right to change or close any site, account, database or other components that do not comply with the usage agreement and to make changes in emergency situations according to its own situation.

It is strictly forbidden to publish content that is potentially harmful to minors, such as child pornography or content perceived as similar. If any site hosts or reports child pornography, the account will be canceled and deleted immediately without notice.
Our servers automatically detect any software that third parties have installed to access their information and automatically suspend the account. If such situations are not detected automatically, system administrators remove the account owner's transactions from the logs and allow the account to be suspended directly. Accounts are canceled if it is determined that this problem is caused consciously by the account owner.
DDoS attacks, mail boomer, flood, IP spoffing etc. that may occur to an account. In case of such attacks, the account is temporarily suspended immediately as other users on the server are affected by this situation. Accounts that experience this problem frequently will be canceled.
In case of sudden resource consumption that may affect the entire server and these occur frequently, the account is immediately suspended to prevent this situation from affecting other accounts. Accounts that experience this problem frequently will be canceled.

6. Payment Information

All service payments are received in advance. When the invoice payment due date exceeds 3 days, all services are suspended (Additional Information: Domain and License invoices are suspended on the first day after the payment due date). 7 days after the due date of unpaid invoices, 8% Late Interest is applied to the relevant invoice.

7. Fee, Payment and Due Dates

For all services, customers who receive the service are obliged to make their payments until the due date. Payments must be made on the day, there is no flexibility in payments. Services that are not paid by the due date will be suspended and access will not be available. Existing debt may need to be paid in order to regain access. In such cases, Troia Bilisim officials may issue you an additional penalty bill. This penalty bill is called “Reconnect” or “Unsuspend”. Customers who pay by bank transfer or EFT must make a "Payment Notification" from the customer panel. If the payment dates expire, Troia Bilisim officials have the authority to suspend the accounts and completely remove the account if they wish.

8. Backup and Data Loss

Accounts are backed up weekly to an external backup server. Repeated backups overwrite previous backups, and backups are only kept for a week. TROIA BILISIM is not obliged to provide backup services. Backup is done automatically by the automation system and is provided to the Customer as a courtesy service.
TROIA BILISIM cannot be held responsible for any imaginable damage or interruption, including loss or change of the Customer's data. Customers are responsible for storing and maintaining their own backups.

9. Cancellations and Refunds

For various reasons, customers may cancel the account they purchased by giving written notice. For this process, they can go to the service list via the customer panel and send a cancellation request from the active product detail at the bottom. There are two types of cancellation requests, one is immediate cancellation and the other is expiry cancellation. Immediate cancellation is the request to close the account immediately, while expiry cancellation is the request to close the account on the next payment date. The customer cannot request a refund after the requested cancellation. TROIA BILISIM cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss arising from any imaginable reason regarding incorrect transactions.

The customer account hosted on TROIA BILISIM servers can also be canceled for reasons such as not complying with the usage agreement, consuming excessive resources and similar reasons. Refunds made as a result of cancellation of the service by TROIA BILISIM due to certain reasons or an existing reason of the Customer can be sent back through the payment channel made by the Customer. Apart from this, the customer cannot request a refund through a different payment channel. Refunds made via Paypal can only be made to the same Paypal account, and refunds made via bank transfer can only be made to the same bank account. Transfer commissions charged by banks for refunds are deducted from the refund fee.

Refunds and partial refunds are made by issuing the return invoice of the invoices issued and sent or by sending back the original invoice. All postal or shipping costs related to invoices are deducted from the amount to be refunded.

10. Hosting and Reseller Sourcing

Resource usage on TROIA BILISIM Hosting – Reseller servers is subject to certain rules. These rules are listed as follows;

10.1 Any transaction opened on behalf of a user on the servers cannot consume more than the package of system resources and cannot run for longer than 180 seconds. (For example, CGI Scripts, PHP Processes, Cron processes, etc.)
10.2 Any service that will operate on behalf of users is not allowed to run on the servers. (For example, IRCd, Radio)
10.3 Any web spiders, indexing software, or bots that collect external content are not allowed to run on the servers.
10.4 Any software related to IRCd is not allowed to run.
10.5 Neither the clients nor the servers of file sharing software such as Bittorrent can be run on our servers.
10.6 Any P2P, file sharing activity is not allowed.
10.7 It is prohibited to run game server software on our servers.
10.8 Cron cannot be run for a period of less than 15 minutes.
10.9 Any Mysql query cannot run longer than 15 seconds. Static files cannot be hosted in MySQL databases. (Image files etc.)
10.10 Https protocol can be used with the permission of TROIA BILISIM.
10.11 For each web hosting package, there are file limits specified on the package sales page. These files include all data uploaded to the server, all e-mails included in the account, temporary files opened on behalf of the user, backup files, etc., and all files in the system owned by the relevant user.
10.12 CPU, Line, Traffic etc. of the services received by the current customer. Troia Bilisim officials have the right to suspend the service in case it is exceeded or if the existing server causes damage or trouble to other accounts on the server.
10.13 In traffic quotas defined as unlimited, usage is limited on the basis of "fair usage". The aim here is to ensure that users receive service without worrying about traffic quota. TROIA BILISIM aims to provide uninterrupted service to its users with unlimited traffic, therefore unlimited traffic quotas should not affect the service received by other users on the server. If the system load resulting from traffic usage causes problems in the service received by other users, our company reserves the right to intervene against such users.
10.14 In plans with unlimited disk quota, the usage limit is limited on the basis of "fair usage". Disk quota is defined based on the elements that the user will use for the web page, without quota. (html, php, js, css, iso, image files, etc.) Apart from this, hosting, storing or backing up files that are not web page elements on the server is prohibited. The disk right granted must be used for the purpose of publishing the web page.
10.15 The e-mail service provided on our servers is provided to meet the basic e-mail traffic needs of our users. Since these servers are used as web servers and are optimized for this purpose, the mail system should not operate at such intensity that it would disrupt the web service on the server. Broadcasting of systems that provide free public e-mail services is not allowed on our servers. However, TROIA BILISIM reserves the right to interfere with users who engage in activities that will cause excessive load on the bulk TROIA BILISIM e-mail system.
10.16 Unlimited add-on domains, hosting etc. provided from our servers. If users provide the service to third parties, their responsibilities and support belong entirely to them.
10.17 In all Hosting and Reseller packages, the maximum number of e-mails sent per hour (including the sub-accounts of users providing Reseller services) is 100 per hour. This number is 200 only in the Corporate Hosting package. If the specified number is exceeded and upon checks carried out by TROIA BILISIM officials, the Customer's service may be suspended and canceled by notifying you via email. Due to cancellation, the Customer cannot request a refund of any money or information.

11. Technical Support

Telephone support is not included in our standard support policy. You can use telephone support for informational purposes based on the support request you open on our website.

Support operations are carried out through the support center software on our site. Our company cannot be held responsible for support messages sent to us through channels other than this (E-mail, public sites, instant messaging systems, etc.).

Only the person who purchased that account can request support regarding an account. Support requests cannot be submitted or opened through third parties. Requests submitted will not be taken into consideration.

Every transaction sent to the support desk by the account owner is carried out without question or approval. Therefore, our company cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by users whose system login information is obtained by third parties through any means.

The scope of technical support is limited to the infrastructure service provided. The scope of this infrastructure service is the hardware of the server used, the operating system and control panel software running on it, the main services connected to it (Web server, Mail server, FTP Server, etc.) and the network access of the server. Technical support for systems such as software and scripts that will be installed on the service purchased from our company is outside our scope of service.

Authorized persons have the right to stop and cancel the service in case of possible insults, slang words, humiliation or false accusations against TROIA BILISIM employees and officials at the support and sales desk. The accounts of people who engage in this behavior will be completely closed and they will not be eligible for a refund.

12. Reseller Hosting: Customer Responsibility

If you are purchasing a reseller hosting account, you are responsible for supporting your own customers. TROIA BILISIM will not support the customers of reseller hosting users. If a customer of any of our reseller hosting users contacts us, TROIA BILISIM has the right to suspend your account until we deal with your own customer. In addition, our reseller hosting users are responsible for the content of their customers' sites. TROIA BILISIM cannot be held responsible in any way for the illegal behavior and contractual behavior of reseller hosting users and their customers.

13. VPS, VDS and Dedicated Server

TROIA BILISIM reserves the right to reset the password of any VPS, VDS or rental server service it offers. It is the customer's responsibility to have a valid e-mail address and root password registered in our system. VDS and Rental servers are not backed up by us, all data and data backup are the responsibility of the customer.

DNS addresses of all VPS, VDS and Rental servers will be the IP addresses determined and required by TROIA BILISIM. Access outside the DNS addresses determined by TROIA BILISIM will not be allowed and TROIA BILISIM will not be responsible for any interruption of the Customer's service(s) for this reason.

14. Domain Name Service

TROIA BILISIM is not obliged to prepare the documents and information required for the registration of the domain names rented to the Customer through the sales system, this obligation belongs entirely to the Customer. It is the Customer's responsibility to follow the renewal period of the domain name rented by the Customer. TROIA BILISIM is not responsible for domain names that the Customer loses or loses ownership of, for whatever reason. After renting a domain name, the Customer is responsible for confirming the “Confirmation Email Sent to the Domain Name Owner” required by ICANN and successfully finalizing the purchase transaction.

15. Backup Limit

Accounts with more than 20 Gigabytes of disk space will be excluded from weekly backups. Users with this size of disk space will not be backed up. In this case, the responsibility for data loss belongs to the account owner. If the account owner requests, only database backups can be taken and delivered to him/her.

16. E-Mail Usage and Spam Procedure

The customer is responsible for all e-mails he sends and receives and their contents, as well as any harmful content received in his e-mail and any damage it may cause. TROIA BILISIM ensures that all e-mails sent through its servers are blocked by Spam protection on the receiving server, do not enter the Inbox, are rejected without notice, are deleted, etc. cannot be held responsible for any actions or situations. Each email sent by the customer can be up to 20 Megabytes.

No mass e-mail can be sent from TROIA BILISIM servers. Spamming accounts may be stopped after the 2nd warning.

For all hosting accounts, the total disk capacity for each email created cannot exceed 1GB. If it is exceeded, the user is notified. In case of repeated exceedance, the relevant service may be suspended.

17. Bandwidth Usage

The traffic quota determined for the accounts is calculated between the beginning and last day of each month. Access to accounts whose traffic quota expires within this period is automatically suspended. To reopen the account, traffic quota must be purchased or upgraded to a higher package. The account owner who does not perform this action must wait until the beginning of the next month for the traffic quota to be reset. Traffic quotas that are not used within the month are not transferred to the next month.

18. Money Back Guarantee

A 7-day money-back guarantee is provided for rental servers, VPS, VDS, Hosting and Reseller. Since it is not possible to return Domains and Licenses, refunds are not possible. There is no money-back guarantee for all products and services with monthly recurring payments.

19. Uptime Guarantee

Uptime guaranteed for the continuity of our services is determined as 99.8%. This warranty specifies the rate for the period excluding failures caused by force majeure, main companies providing internet access, server failures or customer errors, and planned maintenance work. If the promised rate falls below, you can request a refund for that month.

20. IP Address Distribution, Use and Change

TROIA BILISIM has the right to change the IP addresses of all its servers at any time. TROIA BILISIM is not obliged to notify its Customers who receive hosting services about the IP address change. TROIA BILISIM is obliged to notify this change only to its VPS, VDS and Dedicated server owner Customers. TROIA BILISIM is obliged to send the changed IP addresses to the e-mail address specified in the membership of VPS, VDS and Dedicated Server Customers for informational purposes within a maximum of 1 week.

The customer is responsible for all damages arising from the IP address change. The customer is obliged to reach the server from which he receives service via the CNAME method. If a service-specific IP address is not promised in the package purchased, the Customer cannot request any IP address.

21. Price Change

No price changes will be made within the period in which customers make their payments until the expiry date. TROIA BILISIM reserves the right to change the listed prices and to increase or decrease the amount of resources provided in the services. To give an example, if there is a price change within 6 months from a user who has made an annual payment, no extra fee will be charged until the term expires. However, when it expires, when making a new payment, it has to pay at the new tariff. This rule also applies to falling payments. The customer cannot request a refund due to the decrease in prices. This rule does not apply to server hosting or licensing services.

22. Data Centers Where Servers Are Hosted and Relocation Procedures

TROIA BILISIM has the right to host all its servers within the country and in all countries of the world and to move them to a different center within the same country or to another country. TROIA BILISIM may announce, and is not obliged to announce, the transfer of all servers it provides service to, to a different center within the country where the service is located, or out of the country, via the Customer Panel, at most 15 days in advance. The customer cannot request a refund or compensation for damages due to the relocation of his server.

23. Discount Coupons

Discount coupons are reserved for those who will receive TROIA BILISIM service for the first time or for active campaign products. Discount codes cannot be used on purchased products. No refund can be requested due to discount coupons. Discount coupons or discounts are only valid for the first purchase. The accounts of users who abuse this rule may be suspended or even canceled if they are detected. Additionally, campaigns cannot be combined with other accounts or other campaigns. You should not make such requests.

24. Providing Legal Information

TROIA BILISIM must provide all requested information (customer information, log records, etc.) to legal authorities when necessary. This information, when necessary, may also be your private information.

25. Compensation

By receiving service from TROIA BILISIM, you agree that you will not cause any damage to TROIA BILISIM, that you will not cause any material/moral damage, and you undertake to cover any material/moral damage caused.

26. Disclaimer

TROIA BILISIM cannot be held responsible for any damage to your work or files or access. TROIA BILISIM does not offer any guarantee regarding the service(s) it provides. These include data losses, delays, interruptions, incorrect information delivery caused by TROIA BILISIM and any TROIA BILISIM officer. TROIA BILISIM will not accept responsibility if your data/information is obtained by third parties in the event of a hacking incident.

27. Competent Courts and Enforcement Offices

This agreement consists of the subject heading "Changes" stated at the top and below (consisting of 28 articles and 10 pages), and has been read, understood and signed by the parties.
Signature is deemed to have been completed when the order is sent to TROIA BILISIM on the internet.
Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise during the implementation of this agreement.

28. Amendments

TROIA BILISIM has the right to update and change this agreement unilaterally at any time without prior notice. Changes made are entered as an announcement in the customer panel on our website for customers with active accounts. Apart from this, changes made via e-mail or any other communication channel are not notified.

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